kichatna -6

A project of this scale can only be successful with the help of many people.I am grateful to all that have and continue support this project.

Interested in supporting this project? Here are a few ways:

Pre-order the limited edition book-print set

Purchase a print from the project

Spread the word!

Summit Supporters:

Denali Cabins

Alaska Alpine Adventures

K2 Aviation

Neil Murphy

Larry Ashbacher

Dustin Engelken

High Camp Supporters:

Patagonia, Black Diamond, Naneu Bags, American Alpine Club, Alaska Conservation Foundation, Alaska Center for The Environment, Alpinist, Brian Garcia, Javid Kamali, Florian Schulz, OE, Steve Ingle, John Hess, Galen Flint, Sy Cloud, Carole Sheehan, Laura Hurt, David Allen Smith, Matt Linehan, James Ghoslin, Chris Wrobel, Maxine Vehlow, Ryan Jennings, Dave Dempsey, David and Kay Wood, Steven Miley, Kenneth Harely, Amy Reams, Roland Kilcher, Amy Finkelstein, Chris Jungman, Benjamin Erdmann, Wayne Pence, Carl Johnson, Dana Williams, Ronette Snyder, Sarah Tingey, Jim Dewitt, Sam Kikuchi, Sumit Bhardwaj, Amy Fitch, Jerrold Mathews, Bill Romberg

Base Camp Supporters:

John Quimby, Maurice Stevens, Jeff Rigby, Rob Roys, S. Carter, James Dryden, Rachel Bea, James Kohl, Chris Bratt, Denise Valence, Marcus Moran, Ryan Riley, Jeff Schulz, Robert Trzaska, Paul Hassell, Stephanie Koonz, Li Schmidt, Caroline Wellbery, Brad Nelson, Peter Sloan, Sara Wright, Eryn Boone, Anne Nevaldine, Jeremy Osguthorpe, Joseph Ruekberg, Steve Cole, M’lyanda Henninger, Paul Zaretsky, Reilly Oneal, Jason Patton, Hiroki Ide, John Schauer, Jeannine Stafford, Paul Forman, Craig Ward, Nathaniel Wilder, John Giraldo, Paula Cates, Tyler FitzGerald, Melissa Fouse, John Daining, Beth Nordlund, Justus Reynolds, Haley

Media Supporters:

Alpinist, Climbing, Alaska magazine, Mother Nature Network, Planet Mountain, Adventure Journal, Project Pressure, Atlas blog, Alive Photo, Alaska Dispatch

A special thanks to the book crew!

Helen Cherullo (The Boss), Kate Rogers (Editor in Cheif), Laura Shauger (Editor), Jen Grable (designer), Amy Smith Bell, Ani Rucki, Emily White, Lace Thornberg





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